New Bloggers Suck

keyboard-2308477_1920My pal suggested I start writing my rants on my blog rather than my Facebook page. Could be because she’s sick of reading my Facebook page, or secretly wants my blog to tank.

Joke is on her, my blog tanked in February. Thanks Pinterest, thanks for nothing.

I’ve noticed there are a lot of new bloggers signing up for WordPress and sharing their wisdom with the world. Good for them, I’m impressed.

Where is the wisdom?

Blogger called “Fuckit13” and their first blog post is called “Fuck”. I learned more from that blog post than any other I’ve read.

I learned that new bloggers suck.

I’m going to send her the sunshine award, she is a ray of fucking sunshine.

PS: do you have any new bloggers you’d like me to read? I’d love to find some worthy new bloggers.

new bloggers suc


175 thoughts on “New Bloggers Suck

  1. Your posts (and the ensuing comments) are hilarious. I could read this stuff all day. (I mean “Six Things To Do When Your Kid Is Stupid And Ugly”? That is golden!) I might just hang here anyway because I have no idea what to write for the next post on my own blog. This post did make me feel even more self-conscious about my newish blog but that’s ok. if you don’t find out you suck, you can’t fix it, right? πŸ˜‚ Mine doesn’t seem like it would be up your alley but feel free to stop by.

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  2. Oh Wow! I love this. It comes a perfect time because I am a new blogger and I’m in the middle of writing a blog about how awful my blogs are! I don’t necessarily mean content- God, I hope not anyway. If I could just sit and write but getting used to all this tech. crud, marketing and affiliate. Geeeeeez, who has time to even think about content? I am getting there, slowly, but it sure didn’t happen in 15 minutes like most of the other blogs suggest it should! I love you, keep being honest!

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  3. My blog is just 5 months old and I donot know if it’s too early to say all this. But, I think that each one of us has come to the blogging world to learn new, meaningful things. Right?

    Most of us try to share nice posts with the world and if anyone tries to make a joke out of this learning experience by posting shit, I believe they won’t last long.

    We must have faith in fellow bloggers, the sincere readers. We crave for content but know how to reject shit. Don’t we?

    Another thing, this post title seems to point all newbies but I know it isn’t.

    New bloggers, listen, don’t mind. Just ignore the title and read it “Some new bloggers suck”. Now it’s alright.

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