Travel Bloggers – Don’t Buy Into The Hype


I see all these bloggers with their cute little travel blogs; they’re great. “Watch me travel the world and get paid for it, you can do it too.”

Can I? Can I really?

So I’m sitting in the dark on a stranger’s couch in Italy? Man, hook me up.

So I’m waiting in twenty five airports a year, lugging my life in a bag, not knowing if tonight’s bed will be comfortable. Dude, I’m there, that is the fucking dream.

Bleck. You can pay me for everything. You can cover all my expenses, but there isn’t enough money in the world to keep me from wanting to shit in my own home.

Well, I guess you could take the shitting tour and mark all the countries.

Green push pin=happy shitting, red push pin=no shitting.

No. There will be no shitting.

Post 1: Can’t shit Canada

Post 2: No shit Nevada

See? Gonna stay home and write my posts that have literally nothing to do with taking a crap in other countries.

Honestly, let’s be real on the shitting.

Travel Bloggers – Don_t Buy Into The Hype

110 thoughts on “Travel Bloggers – Don’t Buy Into The Hype

  1. Okkkkk, I travel blog when I travel, I do like to shit at home (wherever that is) and I won’t shit on Canada!

    Someday soon I’m gonna write a post in my own site about how to shit on a sailboat while heeling and underway, to see if I can get skinny and single to giggle!

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  2. I have ready many of these blogs. Some get income, but manly from advertisers, and they will only advertise on your blog if you have much traffic. They try to say that you will be your own boss. Definitely not true. I write railroad articles, and I visit many railroad sites. I have no control over when they open or when they run their trains. I also do not control who reads my articles. So, can you truly say that they are full of crap? Yes you can. Unless you are a very big name person and can get into some of these sites for free, they are paying through the nose, and probably in huge debt.

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  3. Funny shit. I wrote a blog a couple of months ago about the joy of (not) traveling and a couple of my friends (who travel constantly, even when they don’t want to) went ape-shit a bit. What’s the ol’ line from that Drummonds show, “What might be right for you, may not be right for some!”

    I wouldn’t want to travel all the time. Fuck that. Give me home base. Diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks.


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  4. Finally retired. Limited income. Very limited. And it’s not ever going up, unless I get better at picking winners at the Greyhound track. Working on that. You can rent or buy at reasonable prices in some parts of Florida, especially on the Gulf coast. I live cheaply, simply, and relatively happily. can’t afford to travel don’t give a damn.

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  5. Ah there was a time when I loved the excitement of weird food, having to pay to use a bathroom, and always fearing the presence of bedbugs, all while not speaking the local language. Yeah, I was 20. And naive. Seemed exciting at the time. Now, exciting is putting the kids to bed early so I can binge watch documentaries on Netflix and eat all-dressed Ruffles in my king size bed till I pass out (usually around 9 pm). Omg I’m getting excited just typing that.

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  6. Funny post. I am one who loves to travel and explore but it can be exhausting for sure. I definitely don’t believe everyone can be a travel writer and it’s that easy; there are some who are successful though.

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  7. Definitely a good amount of laughs from this! Everyone has the idea that blogging (travel or not) will get them rich quick! Do it because you love it, not for the money.

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  8. Another honest post! I love talking shit… literally! Today I was suggested to follow a perfect #vanlife Instagram profile, nearly every photo was perfect, and totally staged! There was not one picture of them emptying the toilet waste or slumming it in some supermarket car park? I think we need more reality blogs and less bullshit!

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    • Bahaha that’s amazing “today the rv’s toilet clogged, here’s Jim covered in shit! After this we’re going to the Grand Canyon”

      That’d be awesome

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      • I would like and follow that post immediately, whilst also sharing it with everyone! I’ve been in a very similar situation, luckily we had recently emptied the toilet, and when I opened the drop, the entire toilet area and myself was covered in blue chemical water etc… I’m guessing pressure had built up somehow and when I opened it up, boom, I became a smurf!

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      • Story’s like that are the closest I have! Plus when you are in the situation a photo is usually not the first thought! If you are interested, there are a few posts called van life reality that I write, that usually cover the horrible bits that don’t fit the perfect #vanlife perception!


  9. I have a travel blog. I work 50 weeks a year to be able to afford it. Then I rack my brains trying to figure out what the F to post. Maybe I’ll just do a million Facebook lives and get my boobs out I Instagram, that should do the trick

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