Three Symptoms You Should Never Look Up Online


I’ve always heard that researching symptoms for yourself is disastrous. Various websites do have helpful information, but it’s easy to terrify yourself.

Here are three things that you should never look up online:

1. Shortness of breath – it’s a common symptom for various things. One look online, however, and you’re told you have lung cancer and you’ll die before next Christmas. The doctor may say something else….. maybe you’re large and smoke a pack a day… ask him, not the internet.

2. Bloody stool and vomit – extra points if it’s at the same time and can’t be controlled. There are other normal reasons, but you’re busy reading about stomach and colon cancer. I’m here, I’ll wait.

3. Sudden, painful hunger but full on a couple of bites – super weird, maybe you just hate the same chicken dinner you’ve made twice a week…did I interrupt your article about ovarian cancer? Sorry, please proceed.

Looking up these symptoms individually is dangerous, but when you read them as a list of symptoms for a simple medical condition such as an ulcer, it puts things in perspective. The most terrifying shit in the world, could be as simple as a small rip in your stomach lining that may require surgery that could result in your death….and is still way less scary than cancer…

PS if you know the name of your condition, then by all means, spend your time researching every article written by everyone for the rest of your life, you’re still going to have the hemorrhoids. You betcha.

Three Symptoms You Should Never Look Up Online


48 thoughts on “Three Symptoms You Should Never Look Up Online

  1. I don’t look up symptoms. I did look up the details of cataract surgery, but I already knew I had them. They’re gone now. Oh, and don’t go trying to find yourself in the DSM either. It will happily tell you you are as mad as the Hatter and then some, but leave you boggled as to which category.

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  2. All very true.
    And timeless.
    In the opening of Jerome K Jerome’s classic ‘Three Men In A Boat’ (1890) he narrates an incident where he enters a public library to find a medical encyclopaedia to check on the symptoms for a ‘minor ailment’ and concludes he has every medical condition apart from ‘Housemaids Knee’.

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  3. Okay but what you should be aware of is that there are certain things that are not normal. I was fainting (not normal), constantly tired and breathless (not normal). But let me explain the difference in breathlessness – there’s being out of breath (like when you exercise) and then there’s a different sort of breathlessness whereby you’re breathing but it feels like there’s no goodness in the air. These symptoms can be the signs of anaemia, a common enough problem amongst women. But don’t be complacent. I put my symptoms down to period problems, menopause, overworking… When I started losing weight I was happy. Actually I had cancer. So if the main point is – you’re not a medical expert with or without Google – then that’s a good one. But never use Google as a way of convincing yourself you’re fine. Even if your anaemia is due to heavy periods or not eating right it can have a heavy toll on your body and you need to do something about it. Always get it checked out. Doctors would far rather tell you that you’re fine than you come to them too late. In my experience many women soldier on, looking after everyone else, saying they’re too busy, rather than admit they’re ill and need care. Take care of yourselves first and foremost. You know your own body and if it doesn’t feel right then go see the doctor. Educate yourself on the symptoms of cancer and stay healthy!

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  4. I was an ER nurse for many years. People frequently arrived at my triage desk with their self diagnosed illness after a quick google search. My favourite was an older man who came in telling me that he had a bowel obstruction. Most people who have had a bowel obstruction do recognize quickly when they have developed the problem again, so initially I believed him. Except, he didn’t seem to exhibit any symptoms like I have seen in others with this condition. After asking a few more questions, I found that he didn’t have a bowel obstruction(can be life threatening and is always serious), he had not pooped. He was constipated. But the internet told him otherwise. A very expensive trip to the ER for something that an extra cup of coffee could have taken care of.

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    • Actually I know someone who died from a bowel obstruction, very dangerous…. but ya, I think Iโ€™d try some coffee or McDonalds before hitting the er

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  5. Can you or any of your followers help?
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    I’m a big reader of self help and personal development books. I’ve read and listened to loads now with out putting action in to the words I read/listen too

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