Four Things I Miss About Cable TV

woman-391555_1920I, like everyone, has jumped on the “I hate cable companies, they should all die” bandwagon. I’d feel guilty but they have been robbing me for years.

Binging is my life now. (Don’t make a joke about purging, don’t make a joke about purging.)

There will always be things I miss about cable, and here are my top four:

1. No lazily flicking around channels landing on Judge Judy, Gordon Ramsey or some other angry screamer.

2. No commercials, no ads for upcoming new shows, tampon ads with chicks riding horses and the Keebler Elves? What the heck have they been doing?

3. If you aren’t in the middle of binging something, there is nothing to do. No news channel, no weather channel, nothing…. but silence.

4. No. Fucking. Olympics. I missed my Tessa and Scott, chick hockey, dick hockey. Nothing.

To sum up: without cable you miss out on: weather and traffic. Serial killers in your neighborhood. Some cute chick getting a gold medal. A transport truck wiping out six vehicles. The winner of last night’s dog show. The fatal fire right up the street from you.

No biggie. ***orders cable… with extra Michelle Duggar.

Four Things I Miss About Cable TV


38 thoughts on “Four Things I Miss About Cable TV

  1. I not only ditched cable, I ditched TV, even streaming. (I spend quite enough time in front of this screen as it is without watching TV shows too.) Its been years now, and the very idea of having to decide what to watch sounds like work. Besides, I have three books waiting to be read.

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  2. I grew up without cable. I think we got cable when I was in college. Most of the channels were redundant. Currently, I live without TV. However, from time to time, I miss your no. 1 point – idly changing the channels and then discovering something I would have never thought of looking up.

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  3. In my entire apartment living adulthood to my current home owner situation, i have had cable for a grand total of 2 months. Then, we cut it off! Pretty much Netflix and Amazon Prime takes care of our entertainment needs. Oh, and youtube plus the free local channels that we sorta get😊

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  4. Binge watching is a curse. I used to read on weekends. Steven King was my goto guy. His epics took weeks to read and I loved every page…paper page that is.

    Now I find some lame show to watch on Netflix. Or worse, a good show that I can justify watching.

    Gotta get back to reading…especially the manual for my new camera.

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  5. Me I’m not much of a TV person and where I live we don’t even have a phone line so cable is not possible, but I don’t miss TV at all, I spend my time trekking, mountain biking, sailing, fishing, so many other things to do. When it rains its word press etc.

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  6. Our household didn’t have cable when I was young. In fact, I don’t think cable existed until I reached my teens.
    In the current family unit, I am the only one who doesn’t watch TV. The others wouldn’t be able to function without it, or so it seems. We had cable with internet until recently when we replaced it with a dish service. (BIG mistake, as they say- stormy weather interferes) The only thing I would use cable for now is for a more reliable internet experience. I hate that my movies don’t load as well as they used to. 😦

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    • I do feel bad about missing the olympics but with the time difference how much am I really going to watch anyways. Missing the hockey sucks and the ice skating but…. I didn’t look on YouTube for it either lol 🙂


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