Don’t Say These Three Things To A Stressed Out Person


I get stressed out, it takes a lot but it happens. Here are three things a stressed out person doesn’t need to hear.

1. Well just don’t stress about it.

K, you don’t know how stress works and make sure to engrave that on my tombstone. Stress isn’t a choice.

2. Well, why do you care so much?

I like suffering? I don’t know, I just do, I care about stuff…. sorry.

3. It’s not even that big a deal.

To you, maybe.

Stress isn’t a choice and is linked to the top six causes of death…. and probably most car accidents, domestic disputes, pot smoking, tickle fights, bar brawls, improper use of a barbecue indoors, mesothelioma and scurvy.

Want to help someone who is stressed out? Walk the fuck away.

PS no, don’t tickle them, what is wrong with you?

Stressed out person


47 thoughts on “Don’t Say These Three Things To A Stressed Out Person

  1. And, if you want to say, “Oh, tell me about it.”, be sure, very sure, that you mean it and have time to spare. Of course, if you happen to be a therapist (which I was), you’re getting paid to listen. That does help.

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  2. I’m parenting two small kids while working full time with my wife working 3 hours away and buying another sailboat. I’ve got a bit of stress but hate when folks tell me to calm down. I’m generally calm, that’s not the same as stressed out. I write to relax with a big glass of wine. Love writing for and helps me to take that pressure off.

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  3. I tend to get stressed over the smallest things. Funny thing is (not really funny, but…) the things other people who have known me for a while THINK will stress me out don’t seem to bother me. Then there’s my voice. A lot of people misunderstand my reactions because of my deep voice; thinking I’m mad when I’m just responding. Which, of course, makes me stress over how I respond to them. :/

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