How To Love Your Wrinkles When They Effin Hate You

woman-3056050_1920I get it, a week ago you were young and beautiful and now you’re an old hag. You’re old, better than dead, right? Meh, I’m old too. ***waves (my arm-flab waved for an extra couple minutes.)

It’s easy to hate what you look like. Menopause made you gain weight. You’re a grouchy bitch….being miserable isn’t very pretty.

What ages you the most? Time. It’s simple, time is why you’re old. It’s nothing you did, all you did was wake up every day.

How to love your face:
Don’t look at it. Eww. I mean brush your teeth and do your hair, but don’t scrutinize every inch of your face. All you should see is your young face, gotta move really fast and take your glasses off, but it’s there.

Spend time thinking of how beautiful you once were, nothing feels as good as being jealous of your young self.

Have you ever seen a stunning and beautiful old person? Yes, you have, many times, she’s in the mirror.

Remember: Old is a privilege denied to many, be grateful.

How To Love Your Wrinkles When They Effin Hate You

43 thoughts on “How To Love Your Wrinkles When They Effin Hate You

  1. My mother told me a few months before her death at 89 that every morning when she woke up she felt like she was fourteen again … until she went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror.

    Inside that wrinkled skin was, at heart, a 14-year-old.

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      • The only thing that reminds me I’m getting older is that I no longer sleep like a child. When our daughter was a child, she’d be singing in the backseat of the car and could fall sound asleep in the middle of a song. One second she was loudly singing along with the music on the radio and then at the end of a word, total silence. A look back revealed that she was sound asleep, and when she slept at night, it was a deep sleep for hours.

        Oh, how I miss that. As we age and our brain fills with the memories of life and the world around us, it seems that poisons our ability to sleep like a child.

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  2. Getting old, wrinkles and all, is vastly more interesting than the alternative. Is anybody disappointed that although they lived as fast as they could, they did not die young? To paraphrase a line in a song; Go ask Keith Richards. I think he’ll know.”

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  3. ‘Old is a privilege denied to many, be grateful’, so true my dear some people pass away too young, never see their Grandchildren or miss finding their life partner. πŸ™‚ I gave up lookin in the mirror years ago!!!

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  4. We are right on the same kind of wave length. I don’t really mind this aging process, I don’t really feel any different at least not right now as I am, blessed to be in good health. I have such a greater appreciation for life and the all the things I’ve gone through that at the time I thought would surely kill me, they brought to the place and person I am today, someone I wouldn’t trade for the world. Embrace the wrinkles, they show the world we laugh, we cry, and we survive.

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  5. Having oily Italian skin skin (it’s a gift…and a curse) I don’t have wrinkles at the age of 68. My Dad was the same way until he died. Sags here and there, yes. Thinner skin, yes. Bruises from being hit by a dandelion, yes. Doesn’t really matter. Looking from the inside out I still look 25.

    All in all, it’s better than the alternative…I think.

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